Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disney or Not

I've got a big birthday coming up next year. I'd really love to do a 'family' thing. That would include my son and two grandchildren (9,10), my single daughter, my single sister and my husband, of course.

Several people have recommended Disney World. My son and daughter had been there AGES ago, taken by their grandparents. To be honest, I've avoided going to Disney because I believe I would just find it overwhelming.

Now I've learned that does not have to be the case. I was reading (wish I could remember where so I could link it here) that careful planning can make it a great experience. The article had to do with the cost of a one day ticket and, with it being so expensive, careful planning ahead of time to take full advantage of the day.

Friend of mine told me about a company that offers free Disney vacation planning services. Of course I figured that was just hotel and tickets...stuff like that. But I wonder if they could also help plan the actual day at the park? Might be worth checking out.

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Unknown said...

Yes they can! They can help you plan every tiny detail!