Monday, October 11, 2010

Check Allowable Carry On Sizes

Flying? Planning on not checking luggage? Then be sure to check your airline's carry on limitations.

On an upcoming trip we are flying on several different airlines. We figured we'd have no problem traveling with carry on only (which we prefer to do) until I read the restrictions on Iberia's web site.

What alerted me to check Iberia was an article in USAToday's travel section. Our rolling carry ons, which typically are about 9 to 10 inches deep, would not qualify.

So after measuring all of our rolling carry on bags, I did turn up one that was just a bit over 8" deep. I figured we'd use that until I remembered that we were packing some very fragile items and our first leg is a small AA where we'd have to gate check our bags. Normally not a problem but on this itinerary it would be cause for concern.

So back and forth with ideas about what qualifies as a personal item, what qualifies for a carry on and, unfortunately, it looks like we will have to check our luggage on this particular trip, with the fragile items going into my backpack.

Remind me never to fly Iberia again!

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