Tuesday, September 28, 2010

U.S. Domestic Airlines and Their FEES!!!!!

Still reading USA Today and its Travel section.

This article is about airline fees...like for making a reservation over the telephone and checking luggage.

And did I have a surprise! I had been under the impression that my husband and I could check one bag each, for free, on an upcoming international flight. Not so! According to this chart, whether we fly domestically or internationally, the airline we will be flying on charges $25 per bag.

I recently checked the carry on policies of the airlines we will be flying. One has an 8" depth limit for a carry on. So there goes my packing plan as the rolling bag I was going to use is small but way deeper than 8". Going to have to re-evaluate what luggage will be coming with us.

Wonder what other surprises are in store for us...........

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