Monday, September 6, 2010

Review: Copenhagen, Denmark

Had dinner last week with a very good friend. She took a cruise that started and ended in Copenhagen, Denmark. She arrived two days early and stayed two days after the cruise, planning on seeing the sights of Copenhagen. I have traveled with her in the past so I value her opinion.

And her opinion on Copenhagen is that it is a very dirty city. Actually, the word she used was "filthy." She told me how she went into a McDonald's to use the facilities, opened the bathroom door and turned around and left. This McDonald's had a second floor and homeless were camped out up there.

She felt that the extra time she had to tour the city was worthless as there really wasn't that much to see. I admit I didn't ask her too much about what had been on her agenda; I was just so amazed and couldn't get past her extremely negative description of the city.

If anyone has been to Copenhagen recently, please Comment and share your experience whether negative or positive.

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