Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Computer: Take or Leave Home

I have a laptop. It is my regular computer that I use every day. The only time I have taken it on a trip (except one) is when I travel domestically. It went with me when I visited my Dad in Florida. It goes with me when I visit my son and grandchildren. It went with me on our Northwest trip. And it will go with us if we ever get around to taking our Southwest trip.

I've taken it only once on a cruise. My husband loved having it as he was able to work on his pictures during sea days. We've got a couple of cruises coming up. And I've been trying to decide whether or not to take it with me.

Why not? Well, for one, it really isn't the lightest laptop. I have a small rolling suitcase with a laptop section and could use that. But trust me when I tell you it can be an effort getting it into the overhead bin. Plus both pre and post cruise we are thinking of staying at a local hotel, spending some more time in cities new to us. Do I trust leaving my laptop in my hotel room?

On the other hand, my husband would get a lot of use out of it on the sea days. Plus, instead of keeping a handwritten diary to write posts from when I get home, I could write the posts as we sail along.

An option is to get one of the inexpensive new little netbooks. That would certainly work for my needs. But I'm not sure about my husband since he has special software he used for his photos and 1) there might not be enough hard drive space for the software and his 18 mega pixels photos and 2) the new netbooks come with Windows 7 and his software probably won't even work on it.

I could be selfish and just get it for my use. But somehow I'm not sure I can justify the expense just for my use.

So do I take my laptop or leave it home??????????????

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