Monday, September 20, 2010

Lake Iliamna Fishing

Guest post by: Timothy Malone

Lake Iliamna is a great place to go fishing in Alaska, although it can be expensive to get there. This massive lake located in Alaska must be reached by plane if you do not live in the area. The fact that seaplanes can go out on this massive lake is another benefit for those who don't want to spend money on renting an entire fishing boat, or paying someone to take them out. This lake also runs into the ocean so there are heaps more fish to be had.

Fishing is something that I do almost every week, even during the winter time. I love ice fishing because nobody else is there and I can actually walk out to the deeper areas of the lake and fish, knowing that the best fish reside in those areas. I have enjoyed this for decades and still do to this day, and always will.

Prior to leaving my home I always remember to set the security system that I got from my local ADT dealer. Instead of worrying about my home and possessions while I am hundreds of miles from home, I worry about the weather of the fishing place I go to, or if I have enough bait to last me the entire trip. It has made my life extremely easier in so many ways, and I am better for it.

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