Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Independent International Travel Destinations

I was reading an article about how many Americans are hesitant to travel internationally by themselves, without joining a group tour. There are concerns about the language and the different customs. The fact is there are many great destinations where this does not have to be a concern. For instance, consider something like New Zealand holidays, or Australia or Great Britain.

The official language is, of course, English, although I'll admit it is not American English. (Think things like 'lift' versus 'elevator' and 'flat' versus 'apartment'). But all travel information is printed in English including subway and bus maps and road signs.

We were fortunate to visit New Zealand several years ago and did it independently by car and also on a cruise. We were cruising from Aukland to Sydney and flew into Christchurch 12 days pre-cruise, rented a car and spent a wonderful week driving around the South Island. A quick flight to Aukland where we rented another car and then had 4 days to spend on our own before boarding our ship. A fantastic, friendly country with lots of unique wildlife and beautiful scenery.

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