Monday, September 20, 2010

Cruise West Shuts Down

First I wrote a review of Cruise West's Sea of Cortez itinerary. Then I read about how they are in financial difficulty. And now I read that they are closing down.

I am truly disappointed. I have sailed small ships, both Cruise West and American Canadian Caribbean Line, now Blount Small Ship Adventures. Yes, compared to main stream cruises like Princess and Carnival they are more expensive per day. But we love the small ship experience. Dressing for dinner means a shower and clean t-shirt. It is an experience unlike anything you would have on a cruise ship with 800+ passengers.

My husband fondly remembers the time the first mate was fishing off the back and hooked a mackerel. The mate radioed the captain who slowed the boat down. After landing the fish, the cook took it and used it to prepare an afternoon snack for everyone.

My husband and I were talking about taking a Panama Canal cruise. I was seriously looking at booking CW's Pacific Explorer. The ship has been sailing the Pacific coastline of Costa Rica and Panama for, literally, decades. And for just as long I've wanted to sail her. I am truly sorry to see the line have to shut down.

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