Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vacation Planning Services for Disney World

We just returned from another trip to Florida and still have not visited Disney World. I have several friends who actually are members of a Disney club that gives them accommodations and special privileges. I have no idea what the details are but I'm sure if I ever want to find out, they'll be happy to share the information with me.

Most of these friends have young children and I can understand why Disney works for them. However, very close friends of ours, who are actually a bit older than us, have been to Disney by themselves and said it is wonderful and we don't know what we are missing. So maybe one of these days.

I know there are agencies that specialize in Disney vacations, providing free Disney vacation planning services. I think if I ever did travel to Disney, I would definitely use the services of a Disney destination agency. With all of the options for accommodations, dining, etc., it would really help to have an expert provide advice on itinerary planning, dining reservations, air, transfers, and events.


diwakar said...

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dojan said...

Thats really wonderful