Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Looking For Someplace Special

Next year I’ve got a milestone birthday. I really would love to do a “family” thing and bring everyone together to celebrate it with me. While my birthday is in November, I figure I’d have to do this in the summer of 2011 so that my grandchildren could come along without missing school.

So the planner that I am, I have already started thinking about where and how. I’ve cruised a lot so of course I thought about a cruise. Also thought about going to a resort on a Caribbean island. But then I thought staying within the continental U.S. would make things a lot easier for all of us.

One place I have on my list to visit is Myrtle Beach so I started looking at a Myrtle Beach hotel or two. There are quite a few resorts in Myrtle Beach. One that was on the beach (for me), shore fishing (for my husband), golf (for my son), children’s activities (for the grandkids) and nearby shopping (for my sister) would really fit the bill like the place I found at

I’m definitely going to have to give this some serious thought.

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