Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ken Shaw Park, Canandaigua, NY

I looked all over for detailed information on this park. Couldn't find what I was looking for so, after a visit there yesterday, decided to do my own post.

Ken Shaw Park is located at the north end of Canandaigua Lake. There are picnic grounds and shelters and a playground. There is also a 'bathhouse' with bathrooms, changing rooms and lockers.

What I was most interested in for yesterday was the swimming area. There is fenced off grounds on three sides of a swimming area and, for non-residents, the fee is $3 per adult and $2 per child (I admit I forgot the age range). After paying the fee and getting a wrist band, the exit takes you to a concrete patio that then changes to a grassy park-like area. And as you walk from the grassed area to the water there is also a sandy beach.

There are three roped off areas, all with lifeguards. The water was pretty clear yesterday and a bit cool to start but we got into it OK. The entire roped off area is, at most, chest deep on an adult. My grandchildren threw a beach ball around. They played in the sand. And we sat comfortable on the grass area, under an umbrella that I had brought.

The area is clean and well maintained. It is possible to buy snack food although we had our picnic cooler. All in all, we had a great afternoon.

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