Saturday, April 3, 2010

More on Chip and Pin Cards

I received this email from a friend (and blog subscriber).

I’ve been investigating my own personal situation with thanks to Diane for raising the alert!

Why haven’t I had any problems with my ATM/Debit card? It’s had the chip for years – even before the technology showed up in Europe. So that mystery is solved!

But, I also found out something interesting. I have a Citibank Gold AAdvantage Mastercard ATM/Debit card that comes with my banking accounts – no annual fee. There are no ATM fees whatsoever. And, if using as a debit card in a restaurant, again no bank fees and it earns miles for debit transactions.

The drawback with Citibank is low money market interest on checking, and they require a lot of “total” $ business to qualify for this card, but if I add up what I’ve paid in transaction fees using my regular airline credit card in Europe, I’m money ahead. A Gold Citibank account in general has a lot of free services for which I’ve partaken in for years – I was just totally unaware of the rest of the perks - I sure wish banks would disclose this information in much more clear language we could all understand!

Anyone else have a Citibank Gold AAdvantage MasterCard Debit/ATM card? Check with your bank. You might already have just what you need to make international card transactions work for you.

(Note: This is a special Citibank Aadvantage Gold Mastercard Debit/ATM card, not a credit card. You can only get it with supporting business with a lot of money in Citibank services like loans, checking, savings, IRA, brokerage products, etc.)

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