Friday, March 19, 2010

Stay on top of your air reservations

I sometimes make air reservations several months 11 months out since I use frequent flyer miles whenever I can.

I was recently reviewing the paperwork I have on an upcoming trip when I realized I had a question. I called the airlines, which in this case was American.

Good thing I called. Part of our itinerary is on their partner Iberia airlines. Iberia made a change in their schedule and our Sunday flight no longer exists. Iberia rescheduled us to the day before. And when was someone going to tell us?

As it is, our Sunday flight was really one day earlier than I had originally wanted but, at 11 months out, there were no frequent flyer seats on Monday. The last thing I wanted now was to go out Saturday.

Thanks to the effort of a kind agent, we are now able to fly out on Monday, with exactly the routing I wanted. So that worked out for the better.

But then I had to change our private airport transfer AND our hotel res. Everything went smoothly, but again, when were they going to tell us....didn't anyone think other arrangements might have to be changed with a change in departure date?????

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