Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Review: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

A question to me on a travel forum I participate in reminded me that I never got around to post a review of the Blue Lagoon.

Our last night in Iceland we stayed at Northern Light Inn. It is a relatively new hotel and it is definitely the most modern hotel we stayed at....huge room with king sized bed and flat screen TV.

Our flight the next day wasn't until late afternoon. Our plan was Blue Lagoon in the AM, and then off to the airport.

So...what can I say about the Blue Lagoon? I got there when it opened at 9 AM. Compared to the public pool I went to in Akureyri, the Blue Lagoon is expensive! Actually, I think it's expensive no matter what you compare it to. It was 25 Euros and that got me nothing except admittance to the pool...not even a towel. (I knew this and had brought towels from the hotel.)

Protocol for the locker room was the same as I found in Akureyri. When I entered the pool it was relatively empty. It is as turquoise blue as it appears in the pictures. As I walked from spot to spot, the water temperature changed from comfortable to a spot where it was actually too hot to stay.

The bottom of the pool is a bit rough...like a paved over rocky bottom. The Blue Lagoon is famous for its healing treatments, including the mud that collects at the bottom of the pool. You can feel the mud as you walk but I didn't find it too weird squishy. The mud is collected and put in pots around the pool, making it available to give yourself a skin treatment.

I was at the pool about an hour. Afterall, how long can you sit there???? I returned with my husband for him to see it as there is a huge window overlooking the pool that is accessible without paying. And when we got back there close to noon, it was CROWDED!

Was it worth it? Not in my opinion. But I did have the opportunity to compare it to the pools in Akureyri, which cost me all of about $3.50 US.

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