Friday, January 15, 2010

Airport Full Body Scanners

Had friends over last night to take a look at our Iceland video. One of the discussions around the table was about the full body scanners being installed at more airports.

According to one of my guests, the person viewing the scan isn't anywhere near the security lines. They are off in a room somewhere, so they don't even see the actual person going through the scanner. If that is true, helps me feel better as it seems to make the scan a bit more impersonal.

Would love to find out if this is accurate. Anyone have any information they care to share?

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Anonymous said...

Body Scanners.
These new body scanners are are still not legal.
They who knows what the long term effects on the body are?
You will get more radiation on one scan than you would get in a lifetime of any other xray activity.
They should be banned.