Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Iceland Notes

This post will just be a list of small things that come to mind as I write about our trip.

Water: Absolutely pure and absolutely delicious. And the cold water is VERY cold and the hot water is VERY, VERY hot.

Laundry: We bring quick dry clothes when we travel and wash them in the sink. Usually they dry overnight but on a trip like this we had some heavier clothing. No problem. All hotel rooms had some sort of radiator (cold nights) and we just hung our clothes near, or on them, to dry.

Driving: In Iceland they drive on the same side of the road as we do so driving was not a problem. The drivers are very courteous. Most of the Ring Road is well paved. But some of it is not and it gets very dusty. And there are many roads our rental car (a Honda Accord) is not even allowed on.

Gas Stations: Plenty. All had clean bathrooms and all had areas to buy food and to sit and eat.

Weather: We were told we were lucky with all the sunshine we had. It is normally rainier in the south than we experienced. That said, we often saw storms in the distance. If one came our way, it got very cold and chilly. We always hiked with warmer clothes and our rain gear in my backpack. We had to pull them out more than once.


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