Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jokulsarlon, The Glacier Lagoon

We were very lucky the day we stopped here. The weather cooperated and the sunlight really set off the cobalt blue of the water.

This lagoon is filled with ice that has calved off of a glacier, into a river that flows out from under the glacier. It is really quite beautiful. Boat rides are offered on the lagoon and we decided to spring for it (2800 ISK pp). We thoroughly enjoyed it.

We next did something we hadn't planned. Based upon the suggestion of some hitchhikers we gave a ride to, we crossed the bridge to the west side, and turned down a road leading to the ocean shore. We walked to the shore and there, as far as we could see, were the remains of the ice that had flowed the rest of the way down the river and now lay melting into the ocean. Pretty neat.