Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How much does it cost to ship baby items by air

Well, if the baby stuff and the baby is traveling with you, it might very well cost you absolutely NOTHING.

Friends of my daughter are heading to England for two years. They left today with about a dozen suitcases. They envisioned a pretty big 'extra luggage' fee, even though there are 5 of them, with the baby.

At the airport, the desk agent told them that baby items went free. WOW! After pointing out which bags were baby items, the agent did unzip them and glance into the bags just to confirm.

And, yes, all of the bags containing baby items went at no additional charge.

If you'll be flying with a baby, be sure to check with your airline. I don't know if all airlines do this. But it might be smart to pack all baby items in their own bags if you'll be traveling with a lot of luggage. Could save you some money.

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