Monday, August 10, 2009

Where to eat in Reykjavik

We've got two recommendations. Both inexpensive and extremely casual. And classics based upon all we have read.

Saegreifinn (Sea Baron) - This restaurant is located on the waterfront, a few blocks from the tourist information office. Walk over to the street running along the waterfront, turn left and look for the bright blue building on the water side of the street.

This restaurant is very laid back. You go up to the counter to place your order and EVERYONE comes for the lobster soup. With a basket of bread, this makes for a very nice lunch. Hungrier? In the refrigerated case to your left are skewers of seafood one can order. Thirsty? Grab a bottle of beer from the cooler to add to your order. Or, for free, help yourself to a plastic cup and one of the pitchers of water at the bottom of the same case. Good? We went twice for the soup.

Saegreifinn, Geirsgata 8; 101 Reykjavik; 354-553-1500

Baejarins Bestu - The pylsur (hot dog) seems to be the national food of Iceland. It can be found just about everywhere. From what we understand, the pylsur is made with some lamb but I was never able to confirm that. So, while in Iceland, do what the Icelanders pylsur.

THE place for a pylsur in Reykjavik is Baejaris Bestu. When looking for it we had been told to 'just look for the line'. On a corner one block from the waterfront, opposite a nondescript parking lot, next to another nondescript parking lot, is where you'll find this hot dog stand. (Actually, it is also right across the street from the Radisson SAS hotel.) And, yes, there was a line.

Baejarins Bestu, 101 Tryggvagata

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