Friday, August 7, 2009

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland. More than 50% of the population of Iceland lives there. Considering that the total population of Iceland is just over 300,000, the number living in Reykjavik is not large and it is a small city.

We had scheduled 3 full days in Reykjavik with the intention of taking a tour on our third day. Because of adjustments we had to make to our late-booked itinerary, we opted out of the tour. Now we had 3 full days to spend in the capital. For us, too much.

Our plan for the first day was to hook up with a free city tour given every day at 1:00 PM. So we wandered on our own for the morning, spending some time looking over brochures at the tourist information office from where the tour left.

Our tour lasted a bit over 2 hours and is done for tips. It is well worth the time and we learned a lot of interesting things about Iceland and Icelanders. It was an excellent introduction for our first day.

Reykjavik has, in my opinion, a lot of museums for its size. Not generally museum goers, we did visit the National Museum of Iceland. But after wandering neighborhoods for 2 days, popping into and out of shops, and, in general, adjusting to the time change, after two days we felt we had seen all we wanted to see.

And even if one is an avid museum goer, in my opinion, 3 full days in Reykjavik is all that is needed to thoroughly visit what the city has to offer.


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Thanks for the 'heads up'. Yes, it does look like it's all there. But, for whatever it is worth, there IS an active link to my site....