Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Review: Guesthouse Sunna, Reykjavik, Iceland

As mentioned in my earlier post, we arrived at our destination, Guesthouse Sunna, on Tuesday, at 8 AM Iceland time (4 AM our body time). Our room was not ready (as we had anticipated) but the very nice young man at the desk said that the room had already been vacated and he would ask housekeeping to make it up right away.

In the meantime, breakfast was being served. We were very tired and didn't want to go in search of a restaurant so we paid for breakfast at the guesthouse and ate there. (Price was 1200 ISK per person...just short of $10.) By the time we were done eating, our room was ready.

We had a studio. As requested, it was on the ground floor (although in another building). The room was huge with queen bed (with two thick comforters in duvet covers and thin pillows....which we learned is typical all over Iceland), galley kitchen area, sofa, table with chairs. The room was quite comfortable except for one thing.

It faced the street and it was noisy. Very often people and car traffic didn't quiet down until around midnight. We were exhausted at the end of each day so it pretty much didn't bother us. But we would strongly suggest anyone staying at Guesthouse Sunna (assuming they can handle the stairs) to specifically request a quiet room back off the streets.

Another thing we also learned (which does not reflect negatively on our accommodations) is that the city center for Reykjavik is by the harbor, as one would expect. However, what was unexpected to us is that the rest of Reykjavik is UP. This definitely precluded our popping back to the hotel for anything and made us plan our days carefully.

With no restaurants near our guesthouse (or any of the other guesthouses/hotels in the area), we either timed our days so we had dinner near city center or, on the way back at the end of the day, we stopped at the very convenient grocery near the guesthouse to buy food to eat in our room.

In general, our stay at Guesthouse Sunna was fine. The room was clean and comfortable. The front desk staff was extremely helpful. The buffet breakfast served each morning (included in our night's rate) was more than sufficient. In a quieter room, we would have no hesitation staying there again.

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