Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Public Restrooms in Iceland

I know a lot of people don't care about this but it's an important subject for me. So I'm writing about it.

In general, every gas station in the country has a public restroom AND they are CLEAN!!!

In Reykjavik, the City Hall has public restrooms. Amazingly enough, the tourist information center doesn't. But when I inquired, I was directed to 'the green building' across the square. So out we go looking for the 'green building'. Both my husband and I are stymied. We can't find it. So taking a break and sitting down to rest for a moment, I look up and there, right in front of me, is a green, circular stand-alone 'WC' (water closet). After knowing what to look for, we discovered several around the city.

Every restaurant has restrooms but you must be a patron.

Fact is, in our two week trip throughout the country, we never had to look far for a bathroom.

And the majority of parking areas in the national parks also had bathrooms, some only one in an upside down 'V' shaped hut.

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