Sunday, August 16, 2009

Iceland Images - Akureyri to Lake Myvatn

Our first morning with the car, we left Akureyri with fog hanging down over the fjord. Crossing the causeway, we had the fjord (and the town of Akureyri) on our left.

As we make our way along the fjord, we can see the road rising along the mountainside ... with the fog waiting for us.

We finally reach the fog.

Over the mountaintop in complete fog. Where is the road??? And then..........

We started down, finally out of the fog, and this beautiful valley was before us.

Godafoss. One of many beautiful waterfalls in Iceland and our first planned stop after Akureyri.

Our next stop was Lake Myvatn with plans to drive around it. It is advertised as THE waterfowl watching place, with loads of ducks and other fresh water birds. See any? Neither did we. :(

Dimmuborgir, located on the east side of Lake Myvtn, are peculiar lava formations created when a pool of moltan lava was formed. When the lava exited the pool towards Lake Myvatn, these weird formations were left behind. There are well marked paths through the area, clearly marked as to length and difficulty.

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