Saturday, August 22, 2009

Akureyri, Iceland

I was reviewing my blog and realized I had totally missed writing about our short stay in Akureyri.

My plan for the afternoon was to visit the botanical garden. Although uphill, it still was in walking distance of our hotel. So off we headed.

It is not a very large garden but, considering the climate and short growing season, both my husband and I were very impressed with the variety of plants and beautiful blossoms.

It really was a photographer's dream. While there were many plants that I was familiar with from home, some were very new to me like this Himilayan Blue Poppy.

As we headed back to the hotel, I spotted what looked like a shortcut down the hill behind our hotel. We started down a very well worn dirt path. My husband was concerned it was a path that would take us nowhere until I pointed out the streetlights all along the way.....I have to admit I've never before seen streetlamps along a dirt path.

My way to relax that afternoon was to head over to the public swimming pool. I had been reading about how every town has their own pool, all geothermally heated. I was determined to try at least one. There is a very specific protocol for bathing in these pools and I'm going to do a separate post about it. I'm just glad I had read 'the rules' before I headed into the locker room.

The pool area at Akureyri is huge. Besides a pool for lap swimming, there are several hot pools of varying temperatures, a kiddy pool, slides, a steam room and a sauna. I spend about 2 hours there and wished I could have stayed longer.


Anonymous said...

Hello from Quebec, it's very beautiful flowers on your blog like the Himilayan Blue Poppy.
Nothing about Canada in your categories?
You never come to Canada before?


diane said...

Thank you for your comment. I started writing this blog long after I visited Canada. I've been to the Atlantic provinces, and through the Canadian Rockies to Vancouver. Even made it out to Vancouver Island and Busch Gardens is my most favorite botanical garden! Canada is a beautiful country and has much to offer.