Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to keep your camera and photos safe when you travel

Protect your camera strap from being slashed by replacing it with one from Pacsafe: Carrysafe Strap. My husband replaced the strap on his Canon camera that announced to the world EOS DIGITAL. Pacsafe also makes purses with unslashable straps and unslashable backpacks.

Protect your digital photos by making a copy of your memory cards. We use the Digital Foci Photo Safe and keep the memory cards in one place and the Photo Safe in another.

And from Eric in London, a particpant on the GAP travel forum, The Watering Hole:

After seeing 2 small compact cameras lost / stolen in Spain recently:

Its not the camera thats the real loss, its all those photos.Don't use just 1 large memory card - eg 4gb or even 8gb (!).

Use a collection of smaller ones. So if you loose the camera ( be it cheap or very expensive - but still much loved) you loose only 1 or 2 days pictures at the most. Not the entire trip.

Think about how you use your camera. Do you take about 1GB worth of pictures per day? I know people who can easily chew up 4 GB per day. Bring memory cards, as Eric suggests, in those 'per day' sizes.

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