Friday, July 3, 2009

Airlines Dealing With Obese Passengers

United Airlines has joined the growing list of airlines that require 'passengers of size' to purchase a second seat.

United's new policy reads: " For the comfort and well-being of all customers aboard United flights, we have aligned with other major airlines' seating policies regarding passengers of size.

This includes passengers who are:
unable to fit into a single seat in the ticketed cabin
unable to properly buckle the seat belt using a single seat belt extender
unable to put the seat's armrests down when seated

If there are unused seats on the United flight, the passenger meeting these criteria will be given a seat next to an empty one. If the flight is full, the customer either must purchase an upgrade to a cabin with available seats or change the ticket to the next available flight and purchase an additional, second seat. The price of the second seat will be the same as paid for the original seat and there will be no rebooking or change of flight fees charged.

If there passenger cannot purchase a second seat and there are no empty ones, the passenger will not be permitted to board and their fare will be refunded with no penalty.

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