Monday, June 1, 2009

Review: Celebrity Infinity

First, I must start off by saying this is not my personal review. It is from a letter written to ITN (I posted a review here: International Travel News), a great newsletter that I subscribe to. The writer took a cruise on Celebrity's Infinity in April, 2008.

The traveler had booked a suite with balcony at a cost of $8,328 per person. To say they were very disappointed is putting it mildly. In a nutshell, the writer described the Infinity as an "outdated and dysfunctional ship".

Their complaints ranged from a broken toilet (that took 4 days to fix), water in their Jacuzzi that was "black and brackish", to a TV that didn't work right and ceiling lights that kept burning out.

They felt their veranda sliding doors looked like they had never been cleaned and the chaise lounge, on their veranda, looked dirty and worn.

And that was just the cabin. The letter continued with complaints about the dining room (both food and service) and the spa (service). And the fact that a letter, with pictures, had been sent to the CEO of Celebrity and the client received no response.

As it usually does when it receives letters like this, ITN sent a copy to Celebrity Cruises and also received no reply.

I've sailed with Celebrity (although many years ago) and the trips were great. I sure hope this ship isn't a sign of deterioration of the line. If anyone has any additional information on this ship or Celebrity, I'd love to know. You can email me or just leave a Comment.

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