Saturday, June 20, 2009

Review: Cape May, New Jersey

Just returned from our second visit to Cape May, New Jersey. The last time we went was October, 2007. It was just my husband and I at that time and the purpose was to do some bird watching. Cape May is on the Atlantic migratory bird flyway. Cape May Point State Park is a great place to watch for the birds of prey. There is a wooden overlook with benches and lots of spotters to help you identify the birds that are seen.

That September we had a mix of weather, everything from chilly to an 80 degree day. It was a very nice place to visit so we decided to take our grandchildren there this past week, just as they finished school.

Being June, the motel prices are a lot higher than they are in October. Not only that, the base room price covers only two people in the room. Over two, the additional charges ranged from about $15 pp to $22 pp. I finally found a place to stay in the area I wanted (all the way at the end of Beach Avenue) and we had to send in the cost of one night for a non-refundable deposit.

Well, I don't know if it was because it was just the third week in June or the weather, but lots of motels had vacancies. If I was to come again at this time, I think I would come without a res and try to negotiate a better rate at one of the many places with a Vacancy sign up.

As for the weather, it certainly was not what I would have expected for mid-June. We had very cool weather and even pouring rain (fortunately on the day we were leaving anyway).

In spite of that, our 7 and 9 year old grandchildren had a great time. We hiked at the state park and we managed to grab an afternoon with some brief sunshine for them to play in the surf.

We ate dinner at Lucky Bones, which was very good. To keep the restaurant check in line, they offer a lot of sandwiches. We also ate at Mangia, Mangia. The food was excellent, the service was lousy and the bill was high. There are lots of pizza places. Charlie's Place on Beach Avenue offers a reasonably priced menu.

Lots of restaurants open for breakfast and lunch but not for dinner. And lots of restaurants just not open. We were wondering if it was still too early in the season. We even saw an ice cream place still closed.

I highly recommend Cape May as a family destination. Just keep in mind that Cape May, like any seashore community in the summer, can also be an expensive destination.

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