Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ground Transportation From PBI

In the past, whenever I've traveled to West Palm Beach, I've always been picked up at the airport (Palm Beach International). But not this time.

This time I was coming down to Florida to pick up my step-mom's car and drive it north. So no one at the airport to meet us (my step-mom and dad are no longer driving) and no rental car to get.

We had three options for a ride from PBI to the condo: taxi, SuperShuttle, and private shuttle. I figured the taxi for the most expensive. Before leaving home I had called a private shuttle and they wanted $35. I also called SuperShuttle and their rate was $25, but they don't take reservations. OK, we'd give SuperShuttle a try upon arrival.

Fast forward to arrival at PBI and a stop at the Ground Transporation counter. Yes, SuperShuttle was $25 but it would be almost an hour before a shuttle would be there to take us. My husband and I looked at the display board listing taxi fares to area locations. Even though the location we needed was not on the list, looking at nearby localities we figured the taxi would be on the expensive side. But after being up since 4 AM, traveling all day, we looked at each other and decided to spring for a taxi.

The taxi fare? $35...same as the private shuttle. No where near the rate we anticipated based upon the displayed fares. In this case, the taxi turned out to be the right decision.

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