Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Florida Rt 1 versus I95

Let me start by saying how much I dislike driving on I95. But if you coming up the east coast from Florida, one doesn't have much choice. Unless.....

Recently driving north we entered a horrific rain storm as we approached Daytona. It was getting late, and the dark wasn't helping, so we called it a night, hoping next morning would dawn bright and clear.

No such luck. Rain continued the following morning as we got onto I95 and made it all of one exit. Yup, you read that right....we got on one exit and got off the next. Between the heavy rain and the spray kicked up by all the cars and trucks, we, literally, could not see.

So, instead, we headed over to Rt 1 which parallels I95, figuring a slower road and less traffic would work better. And it did. We were amazed at what a pleasant road Rt 1 offered. Yes, we had to slow down for a town or two. But, in general, speed limit was 65 (same as I95), very little traffic (no 18 wheelers) and beautiful countryside.

Definitely our recommendation if you want to get off the interstate between Daytona and Jacksonville.


Jesse said...

Isn't that something Diane? You went right through where I live. Yea that storm was horrendous. I-95 is no fun I might add, but you get used to it after a while :)

diane said...

Gosh, what a small world. We could have crashed with you for the night. LOL