Monday, May 25, 2009

Do Not Fly Into Santiago (Chili) With Any Food

Fresh or dried. Sealed or unsealed packages. Makes no difference.

Those of us who have traveled internationally have to fill out Customs forms upon arriving in a new country. One typical question: Are you bringing in any fruit or vegetables? And, I think about fresh food, not the package of dried fruit I have with me, and I check off 'No'.

Well, if you do that on the Chilean customs form, and you have any type of fruits or vegetables with you, you will have lied. In Chili they mean ALL fruits and vegetables.

The Chilean authorities are extremely vigilant about preventing the importation of pests because they export so many agricultural products. Once in a while, a Customs agent might let in a sealed package of nuts but, in general, they are very strict and will confiscate your package of dried fruit, roasted nuts and trail mix.

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