Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take Precautions Against Swine Flu

A friend of mine was considering canceling the family vacation. They were headed to Disney World and she was worried about the swine flu. If it was me, I would go without any hesitation. Yes, the swine flu is not something to be minimized but I also believe a few extra precautions can make for a safe and healthy trip.

Carry antiseptic cleaning solution. Use it often, especially after touching something a lot of people touch, like a handrail. Use it every time before handling food.

Keep a package of antiseptic wipes with you. Use them to wipe down tables in cafeterias and restaurants. Also the backs of chairs where people grab them to pull them out. And don't forget the sides of the chairs where you touch them to pull then closer to the table. Not only do I also use them to wipe down cafeteria trays, I also use them to clean my airplane tray table.

For convenience and economy, have a pump bottle of antiseptic solution in your car. Use after pumping gas. And before eating that snack you just bought at the convenience store.

I think just a few extra precautions can help keep me healthy.

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