Thursday, April 2, 2009

Even This Frequent Flier Worries Some Times

An article I saw in USA Today, Even frequent fliers sometimes get afraid to fly, got me thinking.

I just returned from Philidalphia and my plane from PHL to ROC was (what I kindly call) a 'puddlejumper'. It was a small prop plane and had 9 rows and 2 seats across on either side of the cabin.

I remember clearly the first time I flew a prop plane. I was not a happy camper. But I've gotten used to it and, normally, it doesn't bother me.

This time, though, was different. I was recalling the small plane that recently crashed on its way into the Buffalo airport, killing all aboard. First thought had been that the cause was ice on the wings but later the thought was pilot error.

Either way, I was now nervous flying on this small plane. But I had no choice so just stretched out, closed my eyes, and tried to go to sleep. Figured it was just easier to ignore the whole thing.

Of course, I was very happy when we safely touched down.


Unbalanced Libra said...

Oh Diane, see, even you worry sometimes!

I will never ever be on a plane unless I have absolutely no choice!

diane said...

LOL, and, yes, Lisa, I even worry, sometimes, when I get on a train or am driving in heavy highway traffic at 80 mph. But I won't let it stop me....there is just too much to see and do in this great, big world of ours....I hope one day you'll change your mind and experience some of it as I have.