Saturday, February 7, 2009

Niagara Falls In The Winter

We don't live too far away from Niagara Falls. So when the weather prediction was for a (relatively) mild and sunny winter day, we decided to spend an afternoon there.

We really were lucky with the weather. Not only was it sunny, with temps in the mid 30s, but there was no wind. Windy weather would have left us drenched in icy spray from the Falls. Been there. Done that. Not a great option.

But this day was nice. Since it was mid week there were very few people and even less cars. Being off season, there was no one collecting parking fees at the parking lots. Of course, also being off season, there were areas we could not access.

But the scenic overhang was open, giving us a wonderful view of the American Falls with a rainbow in the middle.

And restricted areas meant beautiful scenes with no footprints disturbing the snow.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and information.

Travel Blog said...

What a great experience you have. I agree that the lesser people in the place the more you will see the true beauty of the place. Thanks for sharing your experience and it's a great photos you have in that place.