Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Xi'an China and The Tang Dynasty Show

Our next stop was Xi'an, flying there from Beijing. We had no problem getting through security at the Beijing airport and the wait area was pretty comfortable which was good since our flight was delayed.

The Xi'an airport is about an hour outside of the city of Xi'an. When we arrived it was warm and sunny. But as we approached the city, the smog got worse and worse. Xi'an has a population about half that of Beijing but in a much smaller geographical area. Plus, they have no subway and, therefore, the main means of transportation is a car. That means smog and that means lots of traffic.

Because of the traffic we did not make it to our hotel first but had to go directly to the theater for the dinner and show. Because we arrived late, our dinner was rushed but the food was very good.

And the show? FANTASTIC! Beautiful costumes and staging. It was like a Las Vegas show and even more. It really was worth the 'price of admission'.

(Once caveat here: Before the show, CDs of the music were presented for sale. We were given the impression it was the same music as the show. It wasn't and it was of poor quality. Don't buy it.)

That aside, please enjoy these video clips of the show:


Lilly said...

I am fascinated with China so have enjoyed reading your blog and will be back.

diane said...

Thank you so much for letting me know you have enjoyed my China posts. You might want to consider subscribing to my blog so you don't miss any of them.