Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rules For Flying Within China

The rules for flying within China are unlike rules we've experienced anywhere else.

Per our pretrip literature, we were instructed that we could have only one carry each and that carry on could not weigh more than 11 lbs.

This sent my husband into a panic as his camera equipment weighs more than that and, obviously, he wanted to carry it all on. After some discussion, he decided there were one or two items that could go into the checked luggage. So after much playing around with his equipment while home, and weighing and reweighing his bag, he felt confident he had things under control.

And then we get to China and our first internal flight. Per our guide, David, there is NO limit on carry ons AND they don't weigh them. He said he's never seen a carry on weighed.

BUT, there are two important things we need to be aware of.

1) NO liquids of ANY kind in our carry on...and that includes the little travel sizes allowed in the U.S.

2) NO batteries in the checked luggage. So all extra batteries, flashlights, etc now go into our carry on.

So much for our research and for being prepared. Oh, least nothing like our Antarctica trip.


Unbalanced Libra said...

I dread flying. I haven't flown since 9/01 (right before 9/11) so all these rules are so foreign to me.
We're flying to Florida in April *cries*

diane said...

You'll be fine. Just make sure you check the TSA web site for up to date information on going through security. And don't hesitate to ask me for help/hints.