Friday, December 19, 2008

Review: Golden Flower Shangri-La Hotel - Xi'an

In Xi'an, we stayed at a hotel in the Shangri-La chain called the Golden Flower.

It is considered a luxury hotel and by Xi'an standards it probably is. But it was certainly a step down from the Beijing Westin.

That being said, there really wasn't anything wrong with the hotel. The room was comfortable, with a nice firm bed. And a thermostat that actually responded to my desire to get the room temperature below 70 degrees.

The breakfast buffet, while not as large as the one in Beijing, was certainly more than adequate and had several new-to-me items. Service in the buffet area was a bit below par as items on the buffet were not replenished as quickly as they should have been, nor were our coffee and tea cups kept full.

That said, we were there for only one night and for one night it was OK.

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