Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Holiday Gift Ideas

Have you started making your holiday gift list? Does it get harder and harder every year? Does it get longer and longer every year?

Well I found a way to make it easy for myself. I found a great looking gift idea at Nature's Nook, New York.

Click on Soaps and scroll to the bottom of the page. Take a look at the wrapped soap/soap dish combo! What a great idea. This is suitable for both men and women!

Order several to make gift giving easier for you this year. Order some extras to have on hand for that 'last minute party invitation' house gift or for those late additions to your gift list.

I have personally used these soaps and the aromas are fantastic. Your gift recepient will love them!

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Anonymous said...

Great website! I checked out the soaps and they seem like great gifts, along with the footbrush and wooden soap dish...

Some other gift ideas I am keeping in mind this year are the many beautiful baskets for sale lately that are made by families in Africa. You can find them at Macy's usually.

And my favorite, most unique gift idea, that I have been using for very special people in my life is the "Celebration Jar". It's a beautiful jar filled with memories and messages from a loved one's closest friends and family. The trip down memory lane is priceless and evokes so many emotions! I use it for many of my friends 60th birthdays and anniversaries. You can find the service at