Monday, November 10, 2008

Delta vs Continental Across the US

I recently had the experience of flying Continental to California and returning using Delta. They are code share partners and this was all part of one reservation.

Some interesting differences. The Continental flight out of Newark, departing at around 2 PM, offered in flight movies and a free snack...and I don't mean just peanuts. Wasn't a full meal but it was enough to keep us happy for the flight. For the movies and TV program segments, an earset was $1.00. The movies were shown on a screen pulled down at the bulkhead seats or on small overhead monitors.

I returned on the red eye, departing at 11 PM. I had saved my headset from my international trip (more on that ... a lot more... later) which was good as Delta wanted $2 for a headset. I got excited as I browsed the inflight magazine and saw how many movies were available for me on the screen built into the seatback in front of me. Great! I could watch a movie I wanted when I wanted.

My elation deflated as I brought up the movie I wanted and discovered that there was a $6 fee to view it. Actually, there was a $6 fee to view ALL the movies.

And food?? Peanuts or a small package of two cookies.

I don't know how the Delta/Northwest merger will shake out but, right now, all things being equal, I'll fly Continental.

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