Saturday, November 15, 2008

Columbia State Park, California

Columbia State Park preserves an old mining town. Besides the typical shops, restaurants and historic buildings, they also have two historic hotels and a playhouse. This was our destination for the evening as we had a package that included a night at the Fallon Hotel, dinner, play and breakfast the next morning.

As expected, our room at the Fallon was very small. We had a double bed with one side of it pushed up against the wall. In the room (literally) was the sink. And a small 'closet' for the toilet. No telephone. No TV. Shower down the hall. It was very quaint and we figured we'd manage just fine for the one night.

Our included dinner was very good. We had a limited menu to choose from but there were enough choices. Dinner included soup and salad, excellent bread, champagne or sparkling cider. My husband and I had strip steaks and they were excellent.

The play we were seeing was called The Big Bang. It's about two writers looking for backers for their 12 hour play and they provide a synopsis in 1 1/2 hours, using furnishings found around an apartment as props. It was rolling on the floor funny.

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