Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beijing Opera and Peking Duck Dinner

With no rest for the (very!) weary, we were back at the hotel for about an hour to get ready for dinner and the opera. Dinner tonight was a special Peking Duck banquet.

Having had Peking Duck several times in the U.S., we were really looking forward to this evening. Unfortunately, the dinner was not as expected. It was all served lazy susan style (as was to be all of our Chinese meals) and the duck was not particularly tasty. All in all, that part of the evening was a disappointment.

Not so the opera performance. If one were expecting a typical European opera type performance (which fortunately we weren't), they would be very disappointed. Highlights of Beijing Opera are the face paints which are used to depict different types of characters, and the characteristic singing, which some people equate to a screech. We saw several short performances, each one explained by a lighted display on the side of the stage. Everything from costumes, to face paint, to acrobatics (movements) to the singing has a lot of significance. I really enjoyed this.

Then back to the hotel where everyone collapsed. Early departure tomorrow: The Great Wall!


MoonStorm said...

What a shame that the food was a disappointment.The opera was quite interesting - from what I saw. They are very eccentric people!

Monica said...

I am sorry that the Duck disappointed you. I would have though that it would have been awesome.

I can't wait to see your post on The Great Wall.