Monday, November 17, 2008

Arriving in China - Beijing Airport

Our visit to China started in the Beijing airport. Going through immigration did not take very long but it was obvious that the immigration agent made a point of checking our passports for our China visas.

Getting through Customs was even quicker and easier as we just walked through the Nothing To Declare lane. I did not bother looking for an ATM to get yuans as I was assured we could exchange cash at our hotel at a reasonable rate. (This proved to be accurate.)

As expected, we were met by Viking personnel. Several planes with Viking guests were arriving close to each other and we had to wait a short time before departing the airport.

And, as we walked out of the terminal to our bus, that's when we had our first experience with China smog! We could barely see the terminal next to ours. The sun glowed a strange orange color. While no one noticed any bad odors, nor had difficulty breathing, this was just the beginning of what we experienced during most of our stay in China.

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