Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rand Mcnally Road Atlas Review

(Note: This post goes along with my The Holidays Are Coming post.)

"With today's technology, many don't think of picking up an actual road atlas book before they head out on a long road trip. I highly suggest that you do. I have always purchased a Rand McNally road atlas for my travels. Yes, I have the GPS, the cell phone, the laptop with Mapquest, but the Rand McNally road atlas has always been helpful to me.

The price you pay for a decent quality road atlas from Rand McNally is acceptable. The books also include many travel tips to popular destinations, useful discounts and coupons, and phone numbers to tourist destinations. The books that I purchase from WalMart also have a useful list to all of the store's locations throughout the country. Rand McNally releases a large print version for those who need it.

Once you purchase your book, register it online so that you can get all the necessary updates to road construction, map changes, and a variety of special features. "

Review Link

and for those of us who need a little help, there is a Large Scale edition

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