Friday, October 31, 2008

'Little Ways' Tips - Some More

If a digital camera or other electrical item gets wet while traveling and stops working, put it in a bag of rice overnight. The rice will draw out the moisture and you could end up with a working item in the morning.

Magnets! Ugh! Not only can they erase your pictures from your digital camera's memory card, they can also mess up hotel keycards and mass transit fare cards. Keep magnets well away!

Besides soap and shampoo, it is possible to find shower caps in many hotel rooms. Throw these little packages in your camera bag. Use them to protect your SLR camera on drizzly days.

A great solution for hotel room clutter is a shoe organizer. Hang one over the bathroom door and it is not only a place for shoes but also for toiletries, room keys and travel docs.

Need but don't have a lint brush? If you checked your luggage, pull off the airline's luggage tag and use the sticky side.

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