Saturday, October 11, 2008

How About Commercial Airplanes?

It’s no secret that I fly a lot. Certainly not as much as some business people but still a lot. While I consider flying safe, one thing does consistently bother me and that is the recycled air I breath on the airplane.

The air inside the cabin is a mixture of both outside air and recirculated air. But at 37,000 feet, that pressurized, recirculated air could be contaminated with hydraulic fuels, de-icing fluids and engine oils. Not to mention pesticides used on some international flights. And, of course, germs!

Ever find yourself not feeling well because you are in a poorly ventilated office building? It can be the same in airplanes, only worse, since the requirements for recirculation are less than that for sealed office buildings.

So I was particularly interested when I came across this article about EcoQuest Intl space age material. EcoQuest has a new ‘Fresh Air’ technology. It was developed working with NASA as a way to clean the air in spacecraft. Now I wonder if the same technology can be used to clean the air in airplanes.

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