Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fly In A Day Early For Cruises and Tours

My husband and I have always made it our practice to fly into our cruise/tour departure city at least one day early. This is especially important when leaving from our area in the winter, where we are subject to flight cancellations and delays because of ice and snow.

But timely flights can be a problem in good weather also. On one trip, our flight was delayed because the ground crew was not able to disconnect the airplane from the terminal (at the gate, the plane is 'plugged' into the terminal for power).

Another time, our flight was delayed because one of the pilot's windows had a crack and time was taken to determine if it needed to be replaced before the plane could fly safely.

For us, the cost of a hotel room and/or payment of an air deviation fee is worth it to protect us from the stress of a missed ship or tour departure.

And, unfortunately, even if the air was orginally booked by the cruise/tour line, they cannot be counted on to help if it is necessary to rebook air due to missed connections. Air delay is the problem and responsiblity of the air line.

Of course let the cruise/tour company know of the delay and what city you will fly into to catch up with the tour so they know to expect you. And, if you purchased travel insurance, (you did, didn't you?) be sure to get receipts for every expense and make notes of who you spoke with and when to help with any insurance claims you may make.

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