Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Post of 'Little Ways' Tips

If you've got some 'must see/do' activities, don't wait to do them on the last day. If you wait and something unforeseen happens, you won't be able to reschedule.

Take pictures of signs. They will help you with identifying the places you've visited. Love a restaurant or hotel? Take a picture of the sign.

When visiting a zoo, aquarium, museum or science center, check out the cost of annual membership before you get to the ticket booth. It might be cheaper for a couple or a family to buy an annual membership than to pay for individual tickets.

An added advantage of an annual membership is free (or reduced cost) reciprocal admission at other zoos or museums. We have a local zoo and science center membership and they have both saved us significant dollars when we visit similar facilities in other cities.

If you'll be checking luggage, put itinerary information (including contact info) inside your suitcase. If name and flight tags end up missing, the airline can still get your bag to you.

If you'll be using an ATM in a foreign country, be sure the money you need is in your checking account. Some foreign ATMs don't allow access to savings accounts.

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