Thursday, September 25, 2008

More 'little ways' tips

If you are going to the United Kingdom, most British post offices will change foreign currency without any commission charge. This is great for exchanging into pounds sterling and, if you need, back to your local currency if it is available.

Stay healthy by carefully checking the caps on the bottled water that you buy. Particularly when you are buying from street vendors. It is not uncommon for empty water bottles to be refilled from the tap and then sold to unsuspecting tourists.

For those that get seasick and use Bonine, check the availability at your local pharmacy for the generic version. The main ingredient is meclizine. Ask at the pharmacy counter to make sure you are getting the right tablets with the right dosage. The generic version is significantly cheaper than the name-branded Bonine.

If the hotel you are staying at only offers valet parking, check the area around the hotel for alternatives. You might find a less expensive garage or lot right around the corner.

If you use public transportation when traveling, and find yourself constantly staring at itineraries on train station walls or bus kiosks, take a picture of it with your digital camera. That way you can take the itinerary with you and refer to it when needed by using the zoom feature on your camera.

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