Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's A Small World

As we travel, we discover that the world keeps getting smaller and smaller. How many 'small world' experiences have you had?

Many, many, many years ago, when I was in college, I traveled to Europe. On a boat from Naples to Capri I struck up a conversation with another woman. She turned out to be very good friends with my next door neighbor.

On a trip to San Francisco over February school break, while our daughter was still in high school, we were strolling along Fisherman's Wharf and came face to face with her current year gym teacher.

We took a cruise out of Aruba a bunch of years ago. As is typical on the first day, lunch is served buffet style and the dining room has open seating. As passengers walk in the door, they are seated, filling up one table after another. Shortly after we sat down, another couple was seated across from us. We struck up a conversation. They were from California. We were from upstate New York. That type of thing. The gentleman said he was familiar with our area as he had a brother in a nearby town. Long story short: my husband fished with our fellow passenger's brother

We just recently attended a wedding in California. While we knew most of the guests at our table, one couple was new to us. As we chatted we discovered that not only had the husband and I grown up in the Bronx, but we had also attended the same junior high school (that was grades 7-9).

Have you had a 'small world' experience? Please leave a Comment and tell us about it.

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Anonymous said...

On 12/31/1999 I was on a small snorkeling boat in Hawaii and the person at our lunch table worked in the same building as I did in Oregon. When the trip was over and we waited for our videos someone ran up behind me and it was another person from my department. I few years earlier I was in New Jersey working on a acquisition and the older women who greeted us at the front desk, lived in the Bronx in the same building I live in until I went off to college just on a different floor. She was best friends with my mother but had lost touch when we all moved out of state.