Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Will Coach Class Totally Disappear?

There is no question that First Class and Business Class is where the money is. The development of Business Class Only airlines was one sign of this.

I recently wrote about showers in First Class, the installation of suites in First Class and the possible elimination of free food, in Coach, on international flights.

I can picture, if these First Class and Business Class seats fill up, that Coach passengers will begin to suffer more and more. After all, running an airline is a business. If the First Class and Business Class seats are sold out, I would want to add more of them.

So will Coach class disappear as room is made for more and more high priced First Class and Business Class seats? I'd like to think not. Why do that when the Coach seats sell out as well? So the next option, in my opinion, is simply to reduce knee room in Coach and reduce the seat back incline.

Any way you look at it, I believe travel is going to become more uncomfortable for those of us in the back of the plane.

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